Writing a company review

Users can submit only one review per employer. Your content should be related to jobs you have held within the last five years so it's relevant to today's job seeker.

Also, users must add a review for a company that is not registered in our systems when trying to:

- Add a work experience at that company

- Request an organization license for that company

To write a company review on ImmaBe:

    1. Sign in to your ImmaBe account.

        Note: You must have an active ImmaBe account in order to submit a review.

    2. Go to the review page

    From the training center: Click Review a company from the page menu.

    From a career search result: Click Drop a company review from the menu tabs below the search bar.

    3. Type the name of the company you are reviewing in the top box.

    A drop down menu will appear with a list of companies in the ImmaBe database that match your entry. Click on your company name to select it from the list.

    4. ​Rate your company by choosing a star rating, and add details in the fields provided. At this time the form does not support paragraph breaks or other rich text editing options.

    Note:  All the fields are required for submission, except Advice to management

    5.  Click Submit Review to send your review and to verify you agree to ImmaBe's Terms of Use, and to acknowledge that the review of your experience is truthful.​

     If you did not create an account or sign in prior to writing your review, you must complete this process prior to submitting your review for approval.

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