Find Training and Education

From a career search

    After you select the career path you want to pursue, proceed as follow.

    > From the website:

       1. Click on the Explore button that appear when you mouse-over the selected career path.

       2. In the detail window that appears, scroll down to the bottom click on Find Education & Training.


       You can also train for a specific job. To do it:

       In the career search results, click on a selected career path to job openings related to that career path. Select a job that you are interested in and click on Train below the job title.

    > From the widget:

        1. Select the career path that you are interested in.

        2. Click on Training & Education that is below selected career path.
From the Training center

    1. In the search field, type a job title, keyword, or company name. Keep in mind that you have to be specific in order to get the proper results.

    2. Click Search.

    3. Click on Enroll below the selected training resource to view details and enroll.

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