Build a profile

To edit existing content on your profile:

        Click on your username at top right of your ImmaBe homepage.

        Click on the white dropdown icon at the top right.

        Scroll to the section Settings and click on it.

        Scroll to the section you'd like to update and click on it.

        Click into the applicable field and add, edit, or remove text.

        Click Save.

        Sections you can edit in your profile:

             Profile Info:

                Name - First and last names.

                Affiliated Company - Name of the company that added you to ImmaBe through an organization license. The default value is ImmaBe. Learn more about organization licenses.

                Skills of Interests - The set of skills that you have or would like to gained. They are used to recommend you specialized classes and programs in the Training Center. Learn more about adding and removing skills of interest.

                Location - The current city and country where you live.

                Bio - Information about your mission, accomplishments, and goals.

                Photo - Learn how to add or change your profile photo.

            Security - Set of privacy settings and tools that you can use to make your account safe.

            Companies - Professional positions and experience, including jobs, volunteering, military, board of directors, nonprofit, or pro sports. Learn more about adding, editing, or removing these items.

            Education - School and educational information. Learn more about adding or removing education entries.

            Certifications -  Certifications, licenses, or clearances you've attained can be added as a new section. Learn how to add certifications.

            Publications & Projects - Publications that have featured your work and projects you've worked on, along with team members. Learn more about adding and editing projects.

            Mentoring - Make yourself available for mentorship and provide your top 3 rules that all mentees should know. You can also provide keywords to facilitate the search by the mentee. Learn how to become a mentor.

            Blocked Users - List of users that you blocked and thus can no longer find you via the search bar, view your profile or start/read/reply to a conversation on I/O Box.

            Licenses - If you purchased organization licenses under your account, they will appear in this section. Learn more about the licenses.

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