The Philosophy of Career Searching

ImmaBe is for everyone who:

- Is taking classes but don't know how the skills you're gaining will be useful to the society

- Is tired to be moving from one degree to another hoping to find your passion

- Dreads going to work everyday? Is your job unfulfilling

- Has a lot of skills but don't know where to settle down

It's never too late to find a career that suits your personality and passion. We believe everyone can become whoever they want to be or might have been.

We do our best to provide you all the key deciding factors that you need to consider when picking a career to pursue (which is different from choosing a specific job at a company - In the latter, you have to consider other factors like the company culture and values).

Some of the key deciding factors we provide include, but not limited to: available related job openings near you, skills required in to be a top-performer in that career path, overview of the duties that you are expected to fulfill in the course of that career and education & training that you might need to be ready for it.

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